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Niagara Classes
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FITMOM promotes the benefits of exercise in a healthy pregnancy as well as advocates the closeness and enjoyment moms can experience while exercising with infants, toddlers and even older children without dumbing down the programming. FITMOM combines technical with lifestyle counseling skills to format a unique program that allows moms to involve their children in their fitness activities while simultaneously enhancing the social and physical development of their child. FITMOM embraces the philosophy that fitness when combined with a health-conscious attitude provides the balance required to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle while juggling motherhood and other responsibilities. FITMOM also recognizes that this process is unique to each woman's individuality and life priorities.

FITMOM is a pioneer in the evolution of prenatal and postnatal wellness. In doing so FITMOM has helped over 10,000 women strive for the best possible outcomes through optimal wellness during the childbearing years.

The FITMOM program offers services across Canada and has made their highly recognized DVD series and e-books available across North America and now breaks international borders.

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It's all here, everything you need for your family! ~ Allison