What’s going on in the Kids in Niagara office this month…November 2016

This month we have been tinkering with the site to make sure it’s perfect for our Launch (tomorrow!), we will still be adding listings into the new year, as local vendors see all we have to offer.
We added a component we feel has such value to our weekly newsletter…The Weather Forecast! <—I know, right? Now when you look at our newsletter and are deciding on what to do this weekend you can see what the weather will be like, specific to the area you have chosen, and plan your weekend with ease.

Our contributors have been busy writing awesome content to fill our blog pages with articles you can use at every stage of parenting, and jeez, we just realized there are only 24 days until Christmas! Get your advent calendars ready, the quickest 24 days of your life are coming!

Our newsletters will be delivered on the following dates:
* December 2nd
* December 9th
* December 16th

Newsletters will resume January 6th

In our home, we are ready for Christmas. I mean it, totally ready. I follow an 8-week program to be ready, organized, and not overwhelmed. I can’t seem to do everything in a short time frame (I know some people thrive on that). I prefer to take my time, in bite sized chunks, purge, reorganize, sell items we don’t need, and get my shit together. I aim to have all the gifts bought before November 30th, where I proceed to hide them around the house and forget where they all are. The meat is ordered, the grocery lists are done, and the days to pick everything up noted on the calendar. December is so important to our family, we slow down, we connect, and we savour the holidays, and with two children away at University, we need that time more than we know.

We will be around all month but maybe not totally on top of the inbox, or the messages, or the comments but we know as busy parents— you get that.

See you tomorrow, for Kids in Niagara.ca Launch Day!