We are parents, we run businesses, we cook, we clean, we do our best everyday to raise our kids, keep them happy, and squeeze in a little time for ourselves.

Kids in Niagara was born out of frustration of trying to find activities, or just something fun to do with four children of different ages and different stages of their childhood.

Finding a soccer team for a 14 year old, a swim program for an 11 year old, a pre-school for a 3 year old, and someone who could wrangle an 18 month old in to a chair for a haircut!

Time wasn’t on my side, with hours of googling for different program, activities, and services, let alone something to entertain them that weekend.

I asked myself what if there was a one-stop shop for all things kids? Where I could go and find the programs, activties, and services I needed. Somewhere that would show me what I could do this weekend, even free, fun things to do with the kids! What if there was a wealth of informational content on all things kids, from finances to parenting, breastfeeding help and health and wellness; to name a few. What if there were links to those services, maps, and even promotional coupons? Let’s just go one step to crazy and have them email me every day, or week with new content and what’s going on in my area that weekend?

So I searched…and searched and came up empty. Nothing existed.

Kids in Niagara.ca is the Ultimate Guide for all things Kids in Niagara!

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